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March 30, 2018 by Admin

Ismayilli district was part of the ancient Albanian state, which was established at the end of IV century BC. Historical sources indicate that the dynasty of the commander-in-chief Javanshir Mehran created the Principality of Girdiman on the territory of Ismayilli. In Ismayilli in the village of Talishstan there is a castle called the commander-in-chief of Javanshir. Ismayilli has a beautiful nature with a lot of lakes, rivers and mountain forests.



In the 18th and 19th centuries, Lahij was the center of production of weapons and copper in Azerbaijan. Lahij is known in the Middle East, Georgia, Dagestan, Turkey, Iran and other places with exquisite and complex patterns of masters from copper as dishes, gluttony, gouache, glasses, bowls, lamps, boilers and other products.

Currently, the ancient streets of Lahij, quarter mosques, the fortress of Girdiman are of great interest to local and foreign tourists. In Lahij traditions of crafts are still preserved and developed.

Ismailli Baskal

The history of the village of Baskal dates back to the fourth century. The village of Baskal was part of the ancient Albanian state. The ancient castle of Baskal and the ancient mosques are part of the history of Azerbaijan. The meaning of word Baskal means building a castle. Today in the historical and cultural reserve of Baskal there is a bathhouse, ancient monuments and mosques belonging to the 16th century.