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March 3, 2018 by Admin

Sheki is located in the north-western part of Azerbaijan, on the banks of the Kish River, 700 meters above sea level, at a distance of 370 km from Baku, in the southern part of the famous Greater Caucasus Range, far from the central regions. The nature of the city, the mountains covered with forests, delight the people with their beauty.

Sheki is rich with architectural monuments. Shaki-Karavansaray Palace, Shaki-khan’s palace, Sheki Khan’s house, minaret of the Gilakli mosque, ancient mosques, castle walls, circular church, temple in the village of Zeyzit, Albanian temple and others.

The city of Shaki is divided into several ancient settlements: Halkal, Agvanar, Galilee Valley, Dembridge, Ganjali, Yellow Land, Tazan Village, Greece, Dodo, Sill, Gardeners, Serkar, Dabahkana, Old Village.


Sheki Caravanserai

Sheki is one of the oldest cities of crafts, trade and silk in Azerbaijan. Trade convoys united the centers of foreign trade through Sheki. In this respect, caravanserais were necessary in Sheki.

Albanian Church

The Albanian temple is located in the most beautiful part of Azerbaijan – the village of Kish in Sheki.

Sheki Khan Palace

Sheki Khan’s palace is included in the list of historical monuments of Azerbaijan, including the world.